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Department of Civil Engineering, LSU


·  Teacher Assistant

·  T.A. for the Statics course in the civil engineering department. Primary duty is to grade the student’s homework assignments turned in each class and proctor the four exams per semester.

·  Fall 2006 - present


Tindall Corporation, Spartanburg, SC


·  Structural Internship

· Structural Intern for a precast, prestressed concrete firm. Duties included calculating load combinations, stresses, prestress loss, moment and shear capacities for double tees to be used in parking garages using IBC 2006, ACI, and PCI manuals. Summer project included analyzing, setting up, and executing a load test to determine the necessity of shear reinforcement for a bulb tee beam. Process for analysis included determining the number and location of concrete blocks on the beam in order to generate the desired shear and moment. Steel supports were designed and drawn on AutoCAD based on the Steel Construction Manual to model a simply supported beam. Used Salmons Technologies program to determine the stress, moment, shear, and deflections for different loading stages for the load test. Developed a program in excel to aid engineers in stress calculations of prestressed concrete beams. Programmed MathCad to analyze wall panel connections to foundations based on PCI Manual. Analyzed the connections of six shear wall panels to determine the required forces to make the panels act together. Improved and updated Tindall logic sheet product summaries for columns, double tees, and wall panels by utilizing Excel to create a standard amongst each Tindall plant.

·  Summer 2007


Department of Civil Engineering, LSU


·  Lab Monitor

·  Head lab monitor for the Germano Center computer lab for undergraduate students. Primarily responsible for opening and closing the lab. Duties also included maintaining computers in working order.

·  2006 Spring Semester


Louisiana DOTD, Hammond, LA



















Gandolfo Kuhn, L.L.C. – 5413 Powell Street, Harahan, LA 70123


· Office Intern

· Assistant to a licensed surveyor, primarily responsible for scanning maps onto the company server. Internship also required checking field crew notes for errors and drawing lot plans for various boundary surveys from lot descriptions and old surveys. Also required to calculate and write up elevation certificates for FEMA to be used for flood zones for particular subdivisions. For practice, used Autodesk Land Desktop 3 to draw maps from previous jobs to gain more knowledge of AutoCAD and learned how the company uses AutoCAD to draw maps for clients.

· Winter Break 2004


Fontcuberta Surveys - P.O. Box 1792 Covington, LA 70434


· Instrument Man

· Responsible for using a Nikon Total Station Instrument and a prism rod to traverse residential sites, set boundary lines, and locate benchmarks. Collected culvert data and building spots with a level, using the data to calculate elevations for an elevations certificate. Set iron rods on construction sites to mark the boundaries for building foundations. Staked out roads, lots, and sewer stations for new subdivisions.

· Summer 2002

Winter Break 2002

Summer 2003

Winter Break 2003


Sims Memorial Library - Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA 70402


· Circulation Desk Student Worker

· Checked out books to patrons and checked books back in the library. Responsible for scanning and desynthesizing all books, periodicals, and reference materials before they leave the library. In charge of reading the fourth floor stacks for misplaced books and searching for lost books. Trained in placing the books in call number order and how the call numbers are organized. Shelved books on the fourth floor stacks, making sure they were in their proper place in call number order.

· 2003 Spring Semester


Gandolfo Kuhn, L.L.C. - 210 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA


· Rodman

· Traveled Southeast Louisiana and used GPS equipment to measure flood water marks from Hurricane Allison for FEMA. Job included setting up a GPS base station near a landmark, and then traveled around a city using a GPS rover unit and conventional surveying methods to measure the elevation of floodwater marks.

· Summer 2001


Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70808


· Degree: Master of Science

· Major: Civil Engineering

· Concentration: Structural Engineering Mechanics

· Advisor: Dr. George Voyiadjis

· August 2006 – present


Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70808


· Degree: Bachelor of Science

· Major: Civil Engineering

· Concentration: Structural Engineering

· G.P.A.: 3.78

· August 2003 – May 2006


Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA 70402


· August 2001 – July 2003



· August 2001 – July 2003



Louisiana Engineering Society, June 2006

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, March 2005

Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society, April 2004

Chi Epsilon, National Civil Engineering Honor Society, March 2005

Gamma Beta Phi, National Honor and Service Organization, November 2004

LSU American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), September 2004

·  Fundraising chairman, 2005 – 2006, raised $3,000 during term of office

·  Concrete canoe team, 2005 – 2006, 1st Place Regional Winners 2006

Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 160, August 2003

Graduated Cum Laude, May 2006

Passed Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, October 29, 2005

ASCE Distinguished Civil Engineering Senior Student, March 2006

W.D. Aldrich Scholarship Award, March 2006

National Dean’s List, 2002-2003

Eagle Scout, December 23, 1996


Work Experience




Master of Science


Civil Engineering



Structural Engineering,

Stress Analysis


Impact Damage of a Collision Between a Vessel and a Tubular Fender System

CEBA 3224 E



· Internship

· Traffic engineering intern for DOTD responsible for performing traffic studies and traffic signal design for six parishes. Duties included setting up a 24 hour count device on a road, then downloading the collected data to determine peak hours, vehicle volume per hour, vehicular speed, and vehicle classification. Performed peak hour counts to determine if and intersection warranted a signal or is one needed to be removed. Completed speed studies to calculate the speed of the 85th percentile of vehicles to be used to adjust the speed limit of a highway. Using MicroStation and Synchro along with traffic count data, designed traffic signals for intersections in Tickfaw and Kentwood in accordance with DOTD Traffic Design Manual, some of which required calculating railroad preemption. Assigned to inspect traffic signal control boxes for proper working order and update timings with growing traffic in certain areas. Tasks also included measuring distances from off-ramps to businesses for outdoor advertising. Prepared district for Hurricane Dennis by inspecting emergency signs for working order, programming, and proper placement on interstates.

· Summer 2005


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Computer Skills:


Software: AutoCAD, ABAQUS 6.4, MS Office, MathCAD, Maple, MatLab, and Mathematica


Programming Languages: Fortran 77, 90, and 95

Leadership Skills:


Completed several courses in the essentials of team building, team leadership, and effective communication; including Woodbadge, One Minute Manager, Fortune 500 Team Building. History of leadership includes: Crew leader of crew 624D2 in Philmont, NM, Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 160, and an officer for ASCE at LSU.

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